How to Choose a Panty That Is Best for Vaginal Health


We always look at panties as a necessary undergarment that covers our private part. A few may have thought of its importance to health. Not choosing the right panty will help you develop health issues that may include yeast formation and other infections in the vaginal area.

It is then important that you should always be wary when buying panties. While some of us may go for known brands, some types of panties of these brands can cause vaginal irritation. Be careful when you have developed vaginal irritation. It can become so itchy that you may not prevent yourself from scratching in public.

Here are some ways to help you choose panties that cannot compromise your health and comfort.

lingerieFeel It

The feel of panties depends on the fabric used to produce them. The best material for panties is cotton. Aside from its soft nature, its fibers are not as closely blended, so sufficient aeration to your vaginal area is possible. This will prevent yeast infection in your private part.

Silk is also smooth but may not provide aeration as cotton panties do. Synthetic fabrics such as leather, polyester, nylon, and spandex, when made into undergarments should not be used for extended periods because they do not allow even the thinnest air to enter. Panties with laces can also cause skin irritation, especially in the area where your thighs separate because of constant friction.

Measure It

You should know your hip measurement before buying panties to prevent too tight undergarments. It may not only look like it will burst anytime, but it can cause irritation and skin chafing as well. It may be very uncomfortable with you, especially if you are having your menstrual period.

Check the Design

The design may spell the degree of comfort while you are wearing it. If you are used to wearing high-waist panties, choosing them over low-waist ones will give you the most comfort. Other girls, though, have panties of different designs because they are comfortable in all of them. Some say that wearing a particular design may depend on the occasion, humidity, and physical activity they are up to. Honestly, wearing a panty that is not fit for the occasion can be very stressful.

pantyInspect the Gusset

They are nothing but for extra protection against infection. These small pockets should be made from a breathable material that is sewn with internal seams. This will help you keep dry and protected from infectious organisms.