Researchers say that quitting smoking is a daunting task to undertake more so if one has been smoking for a long time and has become an addict. This notwithstanding is not a good reason for one not to quit smoking, since it can be done and it is worth trying.

These are the reasons why you should quit smoking

Makes you likable

Smokers look older than their real age. This is often as a result of nicotine stain noticeable oa mann their teeth and even fingers. With time they tend to develop poor physical health, and their skin looks worn out. Therefore, Stopping this harmful habit makes you look younger always and appealing.

Keeps you healthy

It is a fact that smoking often leads to numerous diseases, lung cancer being the major one. It is argued that a smoker is 20 times likely to get infected with lung cancer more than a non-smoker. There are dozens of cancers, vascular disease, heart diseases and lung diseases that smokers suffer from. The chances of getting lung cancer are arguably 20 times higher for a heavy smoker compared to non-smokers. Indeed smoking is an unhealthy habit that one needs to stop.

Saves you cash

Habitual smoking has proven to be an expensive venture as one feels the urge to keep doing it. Suppose one quits smoking, the money that you would have spent on cigarettes is channelled elsewhere for better use or savings.

Stress management

Most people who smoke do so as a way of dealing with pressure or stress that they may be going through. In this manner, they fail to learn how to handle stress without being dependent on external relaxation. Stopping smoking will make you learn to deal with stress in a better way.

Gives you a better smell

Cigarette smell is conspicuous thereby gets noticed by everyone as a foul smell. Smokers usually have this smell all over their bodies including their clothing. However should you quit smoking the smell diminishes and gradually disappears.

Makes you socially accepted

Major institutions and offices have a big board inscribed ‘NO SMOKING.’ That implies that smokers are forbidden from such areas making them unacceptable to the people. Giving up smoking means that you are welcome back to such areas freely.

Have control of your life

a manyour greatest desire is to take proper control of your life and health. The fact that quitting smoking keeps you healthy and allows you to control your expenditure means you end up having control of your life.

The above-outlined reasons are supportive enough for you to stop this detrimental habit.