Why Tinctures Are Better CBD Options


Undoubtedly, you will be faced with many options when you choose CBD as the natural remedy for your health conditions. You have to know your preference. CBD can be taken orally through pills and edibles, like infused foods, beverages, and home-cooked dishes. You can use it when smoking and vaping or by massaging it as lotion and cream. Others take it through transdermal injections or sublingual application. Whatever your choice is, you will surely feel the effects of CBD. The difference may lie in the potency and speed of time you will feel its therapeutic effects.

The sublingual method of taking CBD is one of the most recommended ways. You can use CBD tinctures to do so. All of the good quality tinctures that we’ve tried personally are available online, which should be more convenient for you to avail of. There are many advantages of taking CBD tinctures as compared to other forms. Here are some of them.

cbdMore Potent

Tinctures can be home-made, too, but it can be tedious to do. The best way is to search for a potent tincture and buy it online. Tinctures are more concentrated as they are mostly in raw form with no additives such as artificial flavors as sweeteners.


Tinctures are in liquid form and are taken sublingually, giving you faster therapeutic effects. CBD in tincture form does not have to go through the process of mastication and digestion in the digestive tract making it readily absorbable through the blood.

More Discreet

Taking CBD oil by way of tinctures is not easily detectable by others near you. You can slip into a concealed area and have a few drops. It is unlike smoking and vaping, where it is very much obvious.


CBD tinctures can come in small sizes so you can carry them around. And why not? You can sneak to the restroom and have a few drops while in the office or during a long trip.

cbdEasy to Apply

Tinctures can be the easiest way to take CBD. You do not need to do some preparations. For an individual on the go, CBD is an instant boost. It is more potent, faster, and easier to apply.

More Health Benefits

Because most CBD tinctures are in raw form, they have more health benefits because other useful substances are not removed. It helps if you choose tinctures that used supercritical CO2 extraction. This means that terpenes, cannabinoids, cannabigerols, and other therapeutic substances are in your CBD tincture.