Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Formula


In the last few years, finding the perfect baby formula was more difficult than it is today. Nowadays, there are several types of baby formula with various additives. Usually, most moms start with standard cow’s milk and change if there is an issue. If you are not sure whether to start, it is a good idea to ask a doctor and follow these tips to find the best baby formula for newborns.


FDA Approval

You need to check whether an infant formula is made according to FDA standards. You should note that experts in nutrition guide the standards. Although some formulas may say that they have something special, ensure you only purchase one that is approved by the FDA.


Concentrated, Ready to Feed, or Powdered

When purchasing baby formula, you need to check the form that it comes in. Ideally, the primary types of formula include liquid concentrate, powdered, and ready-to-feed. You should note that each type has its advantages and disadvantages.


baby sleepingPowdered

This is probably the most environmentally-friendly and economical. Moreover, it does not take up a lot of room as far as storing is concerned. Moreover, it is perfect for breastfeeding moms who like supplementing on occasion. It is advisable to use within a month after opening it. However, it requires more time to prepare, and you have to follow mixing directions as required. Always be mindful of the quality of water you use. If you are not sure the best baby formula to purchase, consult widely.



The concentrate requires minimal storage space and less expensive. It is easier to prepare as compared to the powdered form. However, it is not convenient when you are on the move. Always be mindful of the quality of water you use.



This is probably the most convenient and hygienic. That is the case when you have concerns about water safety. It is also the least eco-friendly and least economical. It has the lowest shelf life after opening that does not exceed 48 hours after you open. As a result of the dark color compared to concentrate and powdered, it may cause stubborn stains.


Types of Formula

Ideally, there are four primary types of baby formulas, and they include soy-based, cow’s milk based, elemental formula, and lactose-free formula. When buying a product, you should check whether it is a brand or generic. It is vital to note that each manufacturer has slight variations when it comes to making their formulas. No study reveals a given brand is better as compared to another. The generic labels are quite similar to the brand formulas, and they cost a lot less.


Added Ingredients

Usually, baby formulas will add certain ingredients to their formulas. For instance, the Acid Reflux formula is denoted with AR. You will also find formulas that add rice to thicken the formulation. Always consult your doctor before you begin using AR formulas. Moreover, there are formulas with additives such as ARA and DHA. Ensure you understand what the additives are and whether the doctor thinks they are necessary.