5 Qualities of an Ideal Face Mask


With almost only seven months after the global lockdown, nearly 30 million cases of COVID 19 with over 900,000 thousand deaths were already registered around the world. Without vaccines available for the general public, everybody can be infected by the dreaded virus. This should alarm everyone to wear face masks as protection.

Some are making their own face masks. The advantage of sewing your face masks is that you customize the PPE according to your liking and comfort. You can also add additional protection if you want too. But if you do not have the skill to make one for you and your family, you may have no other recourse than to buy.

Here are the qualities of a camo face mask that you should check when buying one.

face maskEffective

We wear a mask with the primary goal of protecting us from the virus. We should think of safety first more than any consideration when buying or making our own face masks. Three layers of protective materials can assure you that you are protected from inhaling droplets from infected people around you.


This is a very important quality to look for because it can connote so many things. If you buy washable face masks, it means that they are reusable. If you can reuse an item repeatedly, you are saving money, and you are helping the environment.

Always look for durable face masks, so even if you wash them many times, they will still serve their purpose.


We are not wearing masks to prevent breathing outside air, but masks are used to strain viruses from the air so that they will not enter our airways. Face masks should allow us to breathe adequately, or we may be faced with other health hazards if they don’t. With a breathable mask, you will not be swearing much on the area that it covers.


This is the advantage when making your own face mask because you know what is comfortable for you. Whether you are buying or sewing your own mask, you have to ensure that it fits you perfectly and the fabric is made from cotton.

face maskNice-Looking

Leave the surgical face masks for our health workers to use in hospitals and clinics. They are plain-looking anyway. With many designs of face masks out there, it helps to buy one that suits your personality. With seven months of not wearing your lipstick, you can think that your face mask is a replacement of your beautiful lip color while we are still in a global health crisis.…

Effective Treatments for Knee Injuries

Men on running competition

Sustaining an injury is never fun. As any athlete can tell you, though, that is the risk of playing sports. Injuring ankles, fingers, muscles, shoulders, and knees are unfortunately very common in the world of active and competitive sports.

Considered one of the worst of these is when an athlete sustains a knee injury. If not treated properly, a knee injury can develop into a problem the inflicts lasting pain, significant weakness, and could even require surgery. If you have suffered a knee injury, don’t panic. The good news is that there are several treatments available to help you in your recovery process.

Assess the Damage

Assess the DamageIf you have sustained a knee injury, the first thing you should do is to have it checked out for torn cartilage and to make sure your tendons and ligaments are ok. Your doctor will be able to help you understand what physical therapy can be done without overworking your knee and making it worse, and he or she will be able to assess if further treatment is needed.

Stretching and Physical Therapy

Once you have sustained a knee injury, you are going to have to do some training to get it back into perfect working order. Stretching with poses like squats and leg raises are great ways of increasing flexibility back into your legs and knees. Just be sure not to overdo it. There are several other stretching poses that you can do depending on which part of your knee has been injured. Be sure to check with a professional before doing anything too strenuous.

Ice and Elevation

If your knee injury has caused swelling around the joint, you are going to want to take care of that immediately. To do this, grab a plastic bag (a grocery bag or thin trash bag will work), fill it with ice, and strap it on your knee for 20 minutes. Then remove, let your leg rest for 30 minutes, and go for it again.

Assess the DamageFor the best results in getting the swelling to go down, be sure to elevate your leg to where the swelling is higher than your heart. This will force the blood away from the injury, thus causing the swelling to go down. Another trick is to poke a hole in the bag to remove excess oxygen. This will make the bag much colder on the injured knee and will help reduce the swelling even more.…