How To Find A Certified Reflexologist

A Certified ReflexologistReflexology, a science based on the principle that reflexes in the hands and the feet correspond to all the body parts, is a specific technique of applying pressure to the reflexes to bring achieve desired results. Its history dates back to both the Chinese and Egyptian cultures. However, modern day Reflexology was developed and perfected in the United States by Dr. Fitzgerald and Eunice Ingham.

Eunice is also the person who came up with the officially copyrighted foot charts. Reflexology is not massage but a unique pressure technique applied to the feet or hand. Its primary benefit is the release of stress, tension, and the improvement of both the blood and lymphatic circulation. It also brings about homeostasis and helps normalize body functions. Please take note that top physicians agree that over 75% of all illnesses are directly or indirectly stress related. As illustrated, reflexology as a form of therapy that can’t be done by an untrained person. Sadly, not everyone claiming to be a reflexologist is. Here is a step by step guide on how to find a certified reflexologist.

The internet

Hundreds of certifies reflexologists are listed online. By carrying out a diligent search and making countless inquiries, you will definitely find one that best suits your need and pocket. However, due diligence and utmost care need to be observed as the rogue and fake reflexologists are also listed over the internet. In fact, some of them are just hot air and don’t even literally exist but are out to swindle unsuspecting clients. This piece of information need not scare you away as it’s just a caution. Billions of people, businesses and both small and large organization have used the same platform with heightened success.

Asking for reference

Perhaps, this is the easiest and the cheapest way to get a reflexologist. By talking to the extended family members, neighbors, friends, work colleagues, gym instructors, physiotherapists, acquaintances, hospital van drivers,–you will indeed get more than enough referrals to choose from. Walking around or visiting neighborhood physical exercise centers and asking is also cheap as it doesn’t involve any consultation payment. Besides, the reflexologist that you’ve been referred to by many people are well known to them and will deliver. Adopting this method also eliminates any chance of being defrauded by a quark in the industry.

Related field inquiry

There are numerous people who on daily basis deal, interact, or transact with reflexologists. These may include doctors, gym instructors, physical health experts, nutritionists among others. By inquiring from such related fields, one can be sure of getting at least some reference to the qualified reflexologist. By elimination method, you’ll definitely identify a reflexologist that best fits your circumstance and budget.A Certified Reflexologist


Hundreds of thousands of businesses and non-business entities place numerous advertisements on print, audio/visual mediums of communications. Top reflexologists specialists also advertise their services through such mediums. By making a quick reference to some of the popular newspapers continuously, you can spot a reflexologist advert. TV’s and radio stations also run such adverts. Why not be a keen listener of your favorite radio station for such advert? Remember also to check out a reflexologist advert from the medical or fitness industry magazines.